Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world – Archimedes.


Litigation is leverage, and leverage is information. Our attorneys gain this leverage by understanding both the law and the underlying area of expertise at hand.


We employ the power of new technologies, an expansive knowledge of the nuances of law, and the shared intelligence of talented legal professionals to exceed expectations. What makes our law firm truly unique, however, is the value we place on the relationships we form with our clients. We understand insurance defense, its what we do.  We understand that defending claims that stem from the Insurer/Insured relationship require an attorney to be a strong litigator and have the ability to interpret the complexities of varying insurance polices and their coverages. Our attorneys have years of experience defending all forms of Third Party liability claims on behalf of: city commissioners, community colleges, school districts, fortune 500 companies, or local landlords.  We have worked the big cases and do not flinch when the pressure is on.  All claims are unique, so the ability to root out the real facts in a claims infancy can mean the all the difference on how a case is handled and long term coverage implications.