Modern litigation is moving faster than ever. Garcia Legal PA understands that a quick resolution to your claim matters. Our attorneys strive to accurately gauge risk and provide strategic options in order to minimize exposure and maximize results.

We understand litigation, its what we do.

Everyone of our cases is round-tabled with our attorneys so that we can harness our collective talents and find the quickest and most cost effective route forward. When litigation is warranted, we bring that focus to bear on all responsible parties.   However, litigation can be taxing, and is not always the answer, so we work diligently to find cost effective options and solutions for our clients.

At Garcia Legal PA the success of a case is not measured in the amount of billable hours that we charge, but on the satisfaction of the client.  While this de-emphasis on the billable hour may seem unorthodox, we find that this act of good faith builds trust and often bears fruit in the form of long term relationships.

That philosophy grew into our mission statement:

“To change the dynamic of modern legal practice by providing high quality legal services with an emphasis on cost sensitive solutions.”