First Party Property Defense

Garcia Legal PA represents the interests of numerous insurance carriers throughout Florida in the defense of first party property homeowners’ claims.  Whether it be loss or damage by windstorm, fire, theft, sinkhole, vandalism, broken pipe or chipped tile, our attorneys have the expertise to provide assistance to the carrier with cost-effective pre-suit analysis, examinations under oath and litigation services.  Our First Party practice group is a mainstay of our firm and we provide vast experience dealing with issues of policy coverage, interpretation and evaluation of the claimed loss.  We represent several insurers on a statewide basis and partner with the special investigations units of many carriers.


Recent surveys indicate that insurance bad faith claims are on the rise nationally.  Many of these claims involve highly sensitive and significant matters with the potential to have serious impacts on the insurance industry as a whole.  Our bad faith practice group has the experience to guide our clients through the defense of a bad faith claim, including first and third-party bad faith and common law and statutory claims.  Our team works with our clients throughout all stages of a potential bad faith claim to ensure the client’s specific needs are met.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Advising and representing both underlying insurance and reinsurance carriers in coverage disputes, Garcia Legal PA, is uniquely positioned by virtue of the vast insurance coverage experience of its carrier representation practice group.  Our expertise spans many specific coverage areas including general liability, commercial liability, homeowners, automobile and umbrella or excess insurance policies.  We offer cost-sensitive solutions to insurance coverage disputes in the following areas:  policy coverage and interpretation, property claims, professional liability claims, coverage opinions, prosecuting and defending declaratory judgment actions, and defending bad faith and other extra-contractual liability claims.

Professional Liability

At Garcia Legal PA, our professional liability practice group provides analysis and defense of claims asserted against attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, brokers, realtors and other professionals from whom plaintiffs are seeking a recovery for practices and results they question.  These cases are unique in that the claims usually involve a high level of emotion as a result of the relationship between claimant and defendant.  We are extremely cognizant of the issues involved in these types of claims and work diligently to provide early case evaluation and recommendations to our clients and the insurance carriers.  If litigation is warranted, our team has the expertise to manage all aspects of the litigation including alternative dispute resolution, trial and appeal.

General Civil Liability

Our team of seasoned and highly trained trial attorneys has substantial litigation experience and is capable to adequately gauge risk and provide strategic options in order to minimize exposure and maximize results.  When litigation is warranted we harness the collective abilities of our team and bring them to bear on all potentially responsible parties.  All of this is done with an eye toward finding cost-effective solutions including our commitment to the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques including arbitration, traditional and modern forms of mediation and court-assisted settlement conferences to help our client maximize their litigation budgets and obtain positive results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

 Premises Liability

Accidents and incidents occurring on property happen routinely and when they do, property owners, lessees and their insurance carriers need to be fully appraised of the potential legal ramifications and exposure as early as possible in the development of the claim.  Whether the property is residential or commercial, our premises liability attorneys have the experience and expertise to provide our clients with cost-effective early case analysis and dispute resolution.  If the claim cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation, our team of seasoned trial attorneys is available to litigate the claim.  In the past, we have represented property owners and their tenants, directly and through their insurance carriers, in claims arising from slip and fall incidents, intentional acts, claims of negligent security and other claims of negligence resulting in property damage and bodily injuries.